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Absolute Sound - Fundamental Reality

”Hypostatic is the underlying substance and the fundamental reality that supports all else.”




Hypostatic’s first model Indigenum (lat. native) was introduced in August 2018.

Curved Magnetostatic Dipole

Mid/Hi frequencies are produced by our own designed CMD driver. Ultra light diaphragm’s moving mass is only 1.63g so it’s capable of producing every little detail in audio signal. Diaphragm is curved to avoid excess directivity at high frequencies. Horisontal dispersion is 60°. Driver is made of polished stainless steel. It has three rows of super strong neodymium magnets. Magnets are assembled to a nickel plated pole piece.

Hybrid Design

Indigenum is a two way passive speaker. Hybrid construction brings together beautiful monopole woofer unit with an outstanding CMD driver.

Woofer Unit

The woofer unit is made of one-piece composite stone. The construction is extremely stiff and all harmful resonances are eliminated. Unit is painted and then lacquered. Final lacquer layer is sanded and polished by hand to get a high gloss surface. Available in all colours. 11″ Scanspeak Revelator woofer is tuned with passive radiator. To maximize sound quality Indigenums have IsoAcoustics® GAIA™ speaker isolators.


Drivers: CMD (50mm x 800mm) 
11″ Scanspeak woofer with passive radiator

Impedance: 4 Ohm
Crossover point: 500 Hz

Sensitivity: 89 dB/2.83V/1m

Weight: 55 kg/pc

Terminals: WBT Signature

Dimensions WxHxD: 37cm x 130cm x 60cm

Price 27800€ / pair

Manufacturing time 12 weeks


”The sound has unusual spaciousness and airiness”

”Especially live recordings were reproduced amazingly by the Indigenum”

”The bass had a nice firmness with rhythm music and with just enought power and excellent tone repetition”

Matti Hermunen

Hifimaailma 8/18

”Exceptionally spacious and not conventional speaker soundstage”

”Sound is unforced, airy and easy to listen”

”The treble has a light sparkle and separation, but not a bit of stress”

Mikael Nederström

Hifimaailma 8/18

”Until then we had never heard a magnetostat with a curved membrane and thought that contrary to electrostatic speaker, such construction was too difficult to execute. Now we saw that it is possible and for great results”

”Again, this was a room with a sound that tasted like a lot more. We were struck by its ability to project a large soundstage from a modest size”

Marja & Henk

www.sixmoons.com (Audio Video Show 2018 Warsaw, Poland)

“What I’ve found in this room puzzled me at first, then caught off-guard and intrigued in the end”

”The outcome was open, airy, smooth and speedy” 

Dawid Grzyb

http://hifiknights.com (Audio Video Show 2018 Warsaw, Poland)

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